ICT Training


GGA provide wide spectrum of professional services starting from IT Education such as:

Cisco Certifications,

Oracle Certifications,

Microsoft Certifications,

CompTIA computer Certifications.

 Institutional Learning Management System, International and vendor specific Testing Services provided at the highest quality standards managed by the team of experienced professionals.

Online Exam Centre

Greenlight Global Agency provides Computer based examination services for various organizations. Our fully-equipped center offers a series of efficient services for local and international bodies. Additionally, our partnerships with international bodies has ensured that we consistently meet the criteria required for conducting online examinations.


Training Programs

As the premier leader in career development training and education services, GGA provides specialized training and preparation for US/ Canada NCLEX, NMC UK CBT, TOEFL and IELTS examinations.  Each program serves a specific audience and offers informed practices for research, development, and delivery of career services.
Additionally, GGA training and education programs enhance and professionalize career service practitioners in a wide range of settings.
How Are The Training Program Offered ?.
Training programs are offered in 3 different formats:
1. Traditional (onsite)— These courses meet face-to-face with the instructor for a minimum number of  classroom hours alongside homework done outside of class time.
2. Online — These courses are conducted virtually in scheduled class groups or individually with the instructor, with face-to-face instruction provided through online video conferencing services.
3. Hybrid — These courses are offered primarily online but may have predetermined dates or times that students will meet in-person with the instructor to gain the minimum of hours of face-to-face instruction.

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